Oils, lubricants, coolants, etc.

Their extensive product portfolio ranges from motor oils to industrial lubricants and cutting fluids. Castrol aims to create innovative solutions that meet customer needs while contributing to sustainability and environmental responsibility worldwide.

We have, among other products, Castrol Tribol GR 100-00 PD – 900g Tubes in stock, ready for delivery shortly!

You can explore our Castrol selection on our webshop, and you are, of course, always welcome to contact us for support and guidance.


Working temperature
Color temperature
IP Classification
Cable length
Ball diameter
Ball material
Light angle
Shaft material
Manufacture compatibility
Product compatibility
Number of axes
Arm size
Data output
Depth measurement
Inner diameter
Measuring range
CASTROL Oils - Supplied by NORDIC ApS
ALPHA EP 68 - 20L
The Castrol Alpha EP range fulfils the requirements of DIN 51517-3 for CLP type gear oils and U.S. Steel 224 performance.The Castrol Alpha EP range offer good wear protection, safety against scuffing, aging resistance and a high thermal endurance. In addition, the products behave neutral towards conventional seals and bearing metals.Delivered in 20L cans (other sizes can be supplied on request!).

156,66 excl. tax

CASTROL Oils - Supplied by NORDIC ApS
Hyspin DSP 46 - 20L
The Castrol Hyspin™ DSP Range are Zinc free Extreme.Pressure and Antiwear hydraulic oil based on mineral oil. Delivered in 20L cans (other sizes can be supplied on request!).

124,93 excl. tax

Tribol GR 100-00 PD - 900g Tube
Tribol GR 100-00 PD
The Tribol GR 100 PD series can be used for long-term lubrication under even the most difficult operating conditions, e.g. extreme pressure, vibrations, shock loads and wide temperature ranges (-35 ° C to 140 ° C) in heavily loaded roller and plain bearings. Typical applications include bearings on rotary and ground spindles, for gear motors, to which they are exposed shock loads, in shielded woodworking machines as well as for bearing surfaces on printed circuit boards.Castrol Tribol ™ GR 100 PD Series (formerly Longtime ™ PD Series) are lithium-based greases containing highly refined mineral oils and is fortified with the Microflux Trans Additive System (MFT).Delivered in 900g tubes (other sizes can be supplied on request!).

32,66 excl. tax

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