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Kyodo Yushi

Kyodo Yushi is a recognized Japanese manufacturer of advanced lubricants and technical fluids. With an impressive history in the industry, Kyodo Yushi is known for delivering high-performance lubricants and specialty products used in various sectors, including the automotive industry, machinery, and electronics. Their products are renowned for their advanced formulations and reliability, contributing to the extended lifespan and performance of machinery and equipment. Kyodo Yushi is dedicated to maintaining stringent standards for quality and sustainability, serving customers worldwide with innovative lubrication solutions and technical fluids.

You can explore our range of Kyodo Yushi products on our webshop, and you are always welcome to contact us for support and advice.

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Working temperature
Color temperature
IP Classification
Cable length
Ball diameter
Ball material
Light angle
Shaft material
Manufacture compatibility
Product compatibility
Number of axes
Arm size
Data output
Depth measurement
Inner diameter
Measuring range
Citrax EP No. 1 - 400g Fedtpatron
Kyodo Yushi
Citrax EP No. 1

Citrax EP No. 1 grease by Kyodo Yushi is a multi-purpose grease made mainly from refined mineral oil and lithium soap with EP additives containing no toxic heavy metals which are regulated as noxious industrial wastes.

Citrax EP No. 1 is excellent in heat-resistance, water-resistance and EP property as well as mechanical stability, and suitable for general application and sliding surfaces.

The Citrax EP No 1 grease has a service temperature range of between-20℃ and 130℃, uses Lithium Soap as the thickener, mineral oil as the base oil and has base oil kinematic viscosity (100℃) of 15.6mm2/s using the test method ASTM D445.

Although the majority of our customer that purchase this grease have Mazak machines, the Citrax EP concertina grease cartridges are fitted on a range CNC machine tools and we have it in stock and ready to ship.

17,33 excl. tax

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