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Optimize the work on the CNC machines with PC software from HEIDENHAIN

PC programming station

Writing programs away from workshop noise? The HEIDENHAIN programming station makes it possible with the same functionality as on the numerical control. You work with the original control software without compatibility problems. In addition, the programming station is particularly attractive for education.

On request, it is even possible do get a Digital Twin of your machine, so you will get an exact copy of your machines kinematic, parameters etc..

Find technical information, such as manuals, interface descriptions, cables and software.


TNCremo ensures a faultless data transfer between the PC and control when you want to use a PC programming station or set up remote access to the control.

With TNCremo and an Ethernet or other data interface, you can bidirectionally transfer part programs, tool tables and pallet tables, create backups and service files.


In addition to the features you are already familiar with from TNCremo, TNCremoPlus can also transfer the current content of the control’s screen to the PC (live screen). This makes it very simple to monitor the machine.


The PC software TeleService permits comprehensive remote diagnostics, as well as extensive remote operation and remote monitoring of HEIDENHAIN controls.

This makes in-depth troubleshooting possible.
The service technician, supporter or someone else communicates online with the control over the Internet, analyzes the control and, if possible, repairs or helps immediately.

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