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Heidenhain målesystemer

HEIDENHAIN Measuring systems

HEIDENHAIN is the world’s largest manufacturer of measuring systems for, among other things, machine tools, measuring machines, robots, automation, medical, electronics and astro

HEIDENHAIN produces high-precision equipment for both linear and angle measurement, incremental and absolute encoders with accuracies in micrometers and arc seconds.

With the world’s largest product program within measurement systems from HEIDENHAIN, NORDIC ApS can help with all types of projects.

Measuring systems from HEIDENHAIN are characterized by high signal quality and accuracy, and are a guarantee of high quality positioning.

HEIDENHAIN Product Range Collection

The possibilities are many and the signal types include i.a.:

– EnDat

– Profibus DP

– Profinet


– 1 Vpp



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