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ESR Sensor –  High-accuracy strain and vibration measurement

ESR sensors make it possible to obtain live data on expansion and vibration, for example on wind turbines, bridges, heavily loaded structures and industrial equipment such as automated storage systems or industrial mixers.

The sensors have been developed in collaboration between HEIDENHAIN CORPORATION and LEINE LINDE.

Features of ESR strain sensors:

• High resolution

• Wilde measuring range

• Rapid scanning

• High dynamic measurement

• Digital Interface

• Robust design

• Tension-free measuring principle

• Easy mounting

The team behind NORDIC ApS has extensive experience in designing, supporting and repairing measurement systems for many different industries. We help with everything from simple measuring systems on manual machine tools, to specially designed vibration sensors that, for example, measure the weight of the vehicles crossing a bridge.

Supported by HEIDENHAIN’s huge selection of encoders, all tasks can be solved!

We are ready at NORDIC ApS to help you!

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