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HEIDENHAIN StateMonitor – Production Monitoring, OEE Measurement & much more!

  • How can I increase my production productivity?
  • Is it necessary to invest in a new machine tool?
  • How can I maintain an overview when operating multiple machines?


These questions often arise and are not always easy to answer!

HEIDENHAIN offers StateMonitor which, with the help of data collection, can give you an overview and help you optimize your production.


NORDIC ApS sells and supports HEIDENHAIN monitor. With experience from several installations, we can help your production into Industry 4.0!

We are ready to help you with any questions about HEIDENHAIN monitors! Find our contact information here

HEIDENHAIN Statemonitor software provides a live view of the machines’ production status.

You have an overview at all times and can react quickly in case of errors. Anyone who can avoid unnecessary interruptions and bottlenecks increases the productivity of his machines.

The comprehensive notification and evaluation features from StateMonitor are the basis for uncovering hidden potentials and increasing efficiency.

At the same time as the production monitoring, you of course also have the option of planning tasks, maintenance tasks, reporting crashes, data logging of temperatures and other measured values, as well as many other functions!

You can also access your operating data from a smartphone or tablet, so whether you are in a meeting, working in your office or away from your company, you always have an overview of the productivity of your machines.

Statemonitor supports the most common protocols such as OPC UA, ModBus, MTconnect & Heidenhain DNC.

It makes it possible to collect data from all machine manufacturers, from DMG MORI to Mazak.

The software is installed on your equipment, so you have control over your data.

HEIDENHAIN StateMonitor has i.a. these features built-in:

  • OEE Measurement
  • Production monitoring
  • Maintenance system (keep track of preventive maintenance and machine breakdowns)
  • Notifications via email
  • Calculation of program times
  • Data logging of measured values ​​from the machine (temperature, flow, vibrations, etc.)
  • Order management


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