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Length gauges

HEIDENHAIN length gauges deliver high accuracy, even over large measuring ranges

Length gauges for measuring stations and multi-gauging fixtures

HEIDENHAIN length gauges deliver high accuracy, even over large measuring ranges. They are commonly used wherever fast, reliable, and accurate measurements are required, such as in production metrology, multi-gauging fixtures, measuring equipment monitoring, and position measurement.


High accuracy

The high accuracy of HEIDENHAIN length gauges applies over the entire measuring range. Regardless of whether the part measures 10 mm or 100 mm, its actual dimensions are always measured with the same high quality. The high repeatability of HEIDENHAIN length gauges is beneficial during comparative measurements, such as in serial production.

The HEIDENHAIN-CERTO length gauges, in particular, exhibit high accuracy and offer nanometer-level resolution.

Several arguments speak for HEIDENHAIN length gauges. These include not only their technical features, but also their high-quality standard and the worldwide presence of HEIDENHAIN.

The team behind NORDIC ApS has extensive experience in designing, supporting and repairing length gauges systems for many different industries. We help with everything from simple measuring stations, to specially designed multipoint inspection stations.

Supported by HEIDENHAIN’s huge selection of length gauges, all tasks can be solved!

We are ready at NORDIC ApS to help you!

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