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Rotoclear C2

The leading system for machine interiors

What the Rotoclear C2 offers you

The leading camera system for machine interiors will provide you with new information for optimising your machining processes. Of course, you can also easily share this valuable image information with others.

The Rotoclear C2 also forms the essential basis for automated image analysis – and thus for further automation of production.

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4K live view!

The Rotoclear C2 is a camera system that has been specially developed for tough machine tool applications.

The system’s self-cleaning cameras create 4K views from revolutionary perspectives, whether you need a clear view from the tool or a complete overview of the machine interior.

The intelligent engine of the Rotoclear C2 allows intuitive control with zoom feature, remote control and the evaluation of stored videos and photos for valuable new information for process optimization. It is the basis for automated image analysis – and thus for the further automation of production.

Rotoclear C Basic vs. Rotoclear C2

The Rotoclear C Basic is the basic version of the Rotoclear C2. At the same time, the system offers the possibility to easily upgrade to the full version of the Rotoclear C2 at any time – and thus to expand the functional range of the camera system accordingly.

All that is required is to replace the HDMI box of the Rotoclear C Basic with the control unit of the Rotoclear C2. The camera head, holder, sealing air supply and data cable can still be used.

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