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Rotoclear S3

Technology leader in the segment of self-cleaning windows

What the Rotoclear S3 offers you

The option of continuous visual monitoring makes start-up much easier, faster, safer and more efficient.

A clear view of your processes also allows you to minimise scrap costs, whilst the Rotoclear S3 significantly reduces the amount of time-consuming cleaning required.

The patented drive concept of the Rotoclear S3 also ensures very short maintenance times, as the rotor can be replaced in no time at all if necessary.

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Also visit the product page at rotoclear.com for more information about Rotoclear S3.

All the benefits at a glance

• Worldwide lowest installation height (33,5 mm)

• Maximum field of view based on revolutionary and patented drive concept

• Unobtrusive design: form follows function

• Option: Wi-Fi camera which is specially developed for the Rotoclear S3

• Dramatically reduced service and cleaning times: the rotating glass disc as a wear part can be changed in less than a minute without dismantling the entire device

• Simple device installation either as the bolt-on or adhesive-mounted version

• Maximum operational reliability by use of air bleed

• Low power consumption by use of linear drive technology

• High torque for toughest conditions

The installation options of the S3

Screw version
The screw version is suitable for machining centres (e.g. milling machines) in accordance with the DIN EN 12417 standard.
This version is primarily suitable for polycarbonate windows. Using the perforated template included in delivery, a reference circle with ten holes is drilled into the window of the machine tool door at eye level.
It’s affordably priced and offers ultra-fast installation.
The spinning window is then screwed into place from the inside using a screw flange.
Watch the mounting video here.

Bonding version
The bonding version is not only suitable for machining centres in accordance with DIN EN 12417, but also for lathes in accordance with DIN EN ISO 23125.
The spinning window is installed on the inside of the machine tool door at eye level using a bonding flange.
A cooling lubricant-resistant two-component adhesive is pressed under the flange after fixing and ensures a secure hold.
A primer is also used when bonding to polycarbonate windows. All the components required for installation are included in delivery.
Watch the mounting video here.

Special installations
Whether the product is installed in a sheet metal wall or a curved window, Rotoclear offers a variety of tailored S3 solutions for special requirements, in addition to its bonding and screw versions.

Regardless of what your challenge looks like, you can feel free to get in touch with us.
Together we can find the perfect solution.

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