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Rotoclear spare parts

Find original accessories and spare parts here

NORDIC A/S has a local warehouse in Denmark and can deliver new units, spare parts and accessories within a few days throughout the Nordic region. Find your spare parts here.

Salg af Rotoclear reservedele hos NORDIC

Keep it Rotoclear

Original accessories and spare parts in Rotoclear quality.

Their products are designed to be modular so that all the key components can be replaced quickly and easily.

NORDIC A/S is ready to support you and your needs!

You can also find more information about accessories and spare parts at

Sales and delivery of Rotoclear spare parts to the entire Nordic region

Contact us today and let us help you.

Rotoclear accessories and spare parts

We can help provide spare parts for both the latest S3 as well as replacement parts for the predecessor models S and S2.

  • Wi-Fi camera specially designed for Rotoclear S3 (Rotoclear vision)
  • Rotors and replacement equipment on Rotoclear S3
  • Manometer and straight-way valve
  • Rotors for replacement on Rotoclear C2 & C Basic
  • Drive units & safety windows for Rotoclear S and S2

Also connecting cables, O-rings, special mounts, etc. are available within a few days!

Rotoclear reservedele
Rotoclear reservedele

Delivery options

NORDIC A/S has a local warehouse in Denmark and can deliver new units, spare parts and accessories within a few days.

We have a large inventory, and we deliver to the entire Nordic region.

Through our close collaboration with Rotoclear, we can always find the right solution for our customers, also with direct deliveries from the factory.

Rotoclear C Basic - Supplied by NORDIC ApS

What Rotoclear C Basic offers you

Rotoclear C Basic is a robust and simple camera system that lets you observe your machine processes in real time and in high resolution on an HDMI screen.Read the latest brochure here.Also visit the product page at for more information on Rotoclear C Basic. ATTENTION There are many combination options, in the form of other cameras, mounting brackets, as well as the larger model called Rotoclear C2. It allows for several cameras, recording functions and, among other things, RTSP stream and web interface. Contact NORDIC A/S on +45 70 222 737 or to hear more.

2.235,07 excl. tax

Rotoclear S3 - Supplied by NORDIC ApS

What Rotoclear S3 offers you

The ability for ongoing visual monitoring makes startup easier, faster, safer and more efficient.A free insight into your processes also lets you minimize waste costs, while the Rotoclear S3 significantly reduces the amount of time-consuming cleaning required.The Rotoclear S3’s patented drive mechanism also ensures very short maintenance times, as the rotor can be replaced quickly if necessary.Read the new brochure here.Also visit the product page at for more information on Rotoclear S3. ATTENTION This version is mounted with 2-component glue. Other versions can be supplied on request.

1.893,07 excl. tax

Rotoclear 10086 - Rotor til C2/C Basic

If a tool breaks off and hits the camera, the C2 camera itself is protected by a safety glass directly in front of the lens.

Due to the sophisticated design, the rotor and machine window are very easy to replace. All you need to do is loosen just one screw.

374,00 excl. tax

Rotoclear 76330 - Rotor til S3

The conditions inside the machine tool are often very harsh. Not even hardened safety glass can withstand constant exposure to flying swarf for long: the machine window can become cloudy over time. Tools that break off can also damage the S3 window.

Our patented system enables fast and easy replacement of the machine window: all you have to do is loosen a single screw, replace the spinning window and then tighten the screw again. And you’re done!

This model is laminated and recommended for machining aluminum, as it can better withstand the chips during machining.

839,07 excl. tax

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We have chosen to gather our competencies in a joint company, where we will continue to deliver products, solutions and support customers in the Nordic countries.

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