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Service department

NORDIC’s service department has more than 100 years of experience in repairing CNC machines!

All our technicians specialize in CNC controls from SIEMENS & HEIDENHAIN.
Whether it is on the older or the newest systems, we always make sure to help our customers move forward with their production!

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Teknisk information
Technical Information

5 HOURS – It’s MAX!

Our price calculator ensures that we will invoice a maximum of 5 hours in connection with a troubleshooting.
Hours in addition are eliminated by our price cap.

In addition, you are assured that
Do we locate the error in e.g. CNC control or servo / motor control, is hourly wage in connection with the error correction, included in our price ceiling. That is, we rectify faults and put the machine into operation within our price ceiling of 5 HOURS.

However, we can not
We locate the fault in what we call “external devices” such as replacement of cables, renovation of measuring systems, disassembly / assembly of servomotors / main spindle motors, etc. – is this done “outside the concept”, ie. on hourly wage.

As long as we are within the “concept with price ceiling” – we charge a maximum of 2 times transport.

The concept is only valid in Denmark.
If you need assistance outside Denmark, you are welcome to contact us and hear more about our prices, as well as what options we have to help you.

Our technicians specialize in CNC controls

The service department at NORDIC A/S is ready to help you with your repair!

We have many years of experience in, among other things:

  • SINUMERIK 802D SL, 808D, 828D SL, 840C, 840D PL & 840D SL
  • SINUMERIK 3, 7, 8, 805, 810, 820, 840, 850 & 880
  • SIMODRIVE Series
  • SINAMICS Series
  • SIMOTICS Series
  • SIMOREG Series
  • HEIDENHAIN CNC Pilot Series
  • HEIDENHAIN ManualPlus Series
  • HEIDENHAIN MillPlus Series
  • HEIDENHAIN EltroPilot Series

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Examples of some of our competencies

  •  Profibus & AS-Interface (ASi) Diagnosis  We have the latest test equipment and have the experience to troubleshoot quickly and efficiently on Profibus and ASi bus systems.
  •   Heidenhain measuring systems  All our service technicians always have the latest diagnostic tools with them, and therefore have the opportunity to find out the error in a short time!
  •  Renovation of SIEMENS & HEIDENHAIN servomotors  We renovate and repair all types of servomotors from i.a. SIEMENS & HEIDENHAIN.
  •  Kinematics & Geometry  Our service technicians specialize in aligning, measuring and adjusting kinematics on CNC machines with SIEMENS and HEIDENHAIN controls.
  • Laser service Our service technicians have experience in the repair and servicing of industrial lasers from, among others, Coherent Rofin. We have the latest in power meters, and can deliver spare parts within a few days for the vast majority of models!

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Nordic ApS og CNC Consult Fusion

NORDIC A/S & CNC Consult ApS have been merged from January 12, 2022

We have chosen to gather our competencies in a joint company, where we will continue to deliver products, solutions and support customers in the Nordic countries.

Our services, services and products will be those same, just gathered under NORDIC A/S!