The SIMOREG series from Siemens is one of the most reliable and advanced series of industrial frequency converters on the market.

SIMOREG is designed to control the speed of a wide range of motors, from small to large, ensuring accurate and reliable operation.


Support, sales, and service of SIMATIC

NORDIC ApS is a leading expert in the service, support and sales of the SIMOREG series from Siemens.

We have many years of experience with previously discontinued products such as the 6RA23, 6RA24, 6RA26, and 6RA70 series, as well as the brand-new 6RA80 series.

We are proud to offer our customers outstanding service and support and a fast delivery time thanks to our large warehouse and global supplier network. We can even deliver products that Siemens and other distributors cannot.

Nothing has been discontinued at NORDIC!

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Reliability, quality and versatility

The SIMOREG series is known for its high quality, versatility, and reliability. It is one of the most advanced frequency converters on the market and is designed to ensure precise and accurate control of the motors’ speed.

The SIMOREG range includes advanced features such as DC braking, PID regulation, and more, providing a comprehensive industrial solution.

SIEMENS produkter hos NORDIC ApS
Siemens Simatic series

Find the right solution with NORDIC

NORDIC ApS can help you find the right SIMOREG solution for your needs and ensure optimal integration in your production process. We can also help with the implementation, maintenance, and repair of your SIMOREG solutions.

Choose the SIMOREG series from Siemens and NORDIC ApS to ensure reliable and precise control of the speed of your motors. Contact us today to learn more about how SIMOREG can help optimise your production.

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