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Hyspin DSP 46 Hydraulic oil – 20L Can

Item number: Hyspin DSP 46 - 20L

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The Castrol Hyspin™ DSP Range are Zinc free Extreme.

Pressure and Antiwear hydraulic oil based on mineral oil.


Delivered in 20L cans (other sizes can be supplied on request!).

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The Castrol Hyspin™ DSP Range are Zinc free Extreme.

Pressure and Antiwear hydraulic oil based on mineral oil.


Delivered in 20L cans (other sizes can be supplied on request!).

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Weight 20000 g
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CASTROL Oils - Supplied by NORDIC ApS
ALPHA EP 68 - 20L
The Castrol Alpha EP range fulfils the requirements of DIN 51517-3 for CLP type gear oils and U.S. Steel 224 performance. The Castrol Alpha EP range offer good wear protection, safety against scuffing, aging resistance and a high thermal endurance. In addition, the products behave neutral towards conventional seals and bearing metals. Delivered in 20L cans (other sizes can be supplied on request!).

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Divinol Lithogrease 000 - 5kg bucket
Divinol Lithogrease 000 is used to lubricate rollers in linear guides for machine tools. It can also be used for lubrication of gears with a large mechanical load. The product can be easily pumped into central lubrication systems. Due to its low consistency, Divinol Lithogrease 000 shows a clearly better flow behavior as a comparable fat of NLGI class 00. Delivered in 5kg bucket.

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Citrax EP No. 1 - 400g Fedtpatron
Kyodo Yushi
Citrax EP No. 1

Citrax EP No. 1 grease by Kyodo Yushi is a multi-purpose grease made mainly from refined mineral oil and lithium soap with EP additives containing no toxic heavy metals which are regulated as noxious industrial wastes.

Citrax EP No. 1 is excellent in heat-resistance, water-resistance and EP property as well as mechanical stability, and suitable for general application and sliding surfaces.

The Citrax EP No 1 grease has a service temperature range of between-20℃ and 130℃, uses Lithium Soap as the thickener, mineral oil as the base oil and has base oil kinematic viscosity (100℃) of 15.6mm2/s using the test method ASTM D445.

Although the majority of our customer that purchase this grease have Mazak machines, the Citrax EP concertina grease cartridges are fitted on a range CNC machine tools and we have it in stock and ready to ship.

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METAFLUX 70-8535 - flydende metal
METAFLUX 70-8508

Improves the replacement of moving parts on i.a. CNC machines. Prevents wear, seizure and corrosion of mechanical joints, sliding parts with extreme loads (eg forklifts), reduces vibration noises, helps remove nuts on a damaged thread by building it up immediately. Maintains all metal and steel parts and protects against variations caused by cold and heat. Highly recommended for all industrial areas such as automobile, civilian and military ports, water treatment plants, power plants, hospitals, civilian and military structures and installations, CNC machines, etc. Excellent on stainless steel!

  • Abrasion resistant
  • Unique industrial heavy metal lubricant based on titanium to ensure the highest performance under all extreme conditions over time
  • Resistant to salt water, water, oil, gasoline, most acids, lye, gases and vapors
  • Prevents galvanic contact corrosion
  • Nickel, copper and aluminum free without the possibility of electrolyte formation
  • Lubricant base: Titanium, color: gray
  • Temperature range: -180 ° C to +1,350 ° C [-356 ° F up to +2,462 ° F]
  • Pressure resistance: 2,400 kPa / cm² (= 23,400 N / cm²) [33 .938 psi]

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