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NORDIC A/S | Sales and service for industry in the Nordic region

The characteristic of the manufacturers we represent is quality, stability and that they are market leaders in their field.

We never compromise and as a customer you are guaranteed the best quality!

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A selection of the brands we represent, service and deliver to the Nordic market

LED Maskinlamper
Rotoclear C2
Spare parts
Product categories

Here we have selected some of our best-selling brands. However, we have many other than them.

sells and services quality products from i.a. HEIDENHAIN, ETEL & ROTOCLEAR

The characteristic of the manufacturers we represent is quality, stability and that they are market leaders in their field.
We never compromise and as a customer you are guaranteed the best quality – Both within products, advice & service!

HEIDENHAIN Technology Center

NORDIC A/S is officially the HEIDENHAIN Technology Center, and works closely with the product specialists at HEIDENHAIN so that we can find the right solution for our customers in the Nordics. Our team has more than 100 years of experience in measuring systems, planning and CNC controls.

Central warehouse

Our warehouse is one of the largest in the Nordic region, within HEIDENHAIN and SIEMENS products and spare parts. With a constantly increasing approach, we make sure to help our customers minimize downtime and reach their deadlines. We often deliver within a few hours!

Supported by technicians

Whether inquiries are about machine breakdowns, major projects or something completely different, you always get direct contact with a technician. Our team consists exclusively of professionals, with many years of experience and expertise in our product areas. So when we say “supported by technicians” we mean it, and it is at the same time with a guarantee of a maximum of 5 hours troubleshooting!

Featured products

The characteristic of the manufacturers we represent is quality, stability and that they are market leaders in their field.
We never compromise and as a customer you are guaranteed the best quality!
– Both within products, advice & service!

Digi-Pas Digitalt vaterpas (DWL-200) produktbillede
  • Digital display for any angle around 360°.
  • Digital display for all angle.
  • No more arguments for surveying inspection job work sites with digital numeric display readings.
  • User can simply choose the type of format without the need for calculation.
  • Audible sound to indicate levelling to 0° & 90° angles halt.
  • Can attach to metal surface and enable user hand free operation.
  • Extended battery life.
  • Alternate Zero feature
  • Digital display of angle in °(Degree) & %(slope)
  • Buzzer sound
  • 3 Minutes auto off

72,00 excl. tax


Velum PROTECTION is the solution designed to protect control cabinets, machines, computers, compressors and much other equipment. Placed easily using magnets on the suction, and the filter cloth is replaced quickly and easily.

Available in 5 sizes: 600 mm – 500 mm – 400 mm – 300 mm – 200 mm

73,47 excl. tax

MOTOREX Spindle Lube ISO VG 68 - 5L Bag in Box

MOTOREX Spindle Lube Oils are microfiltered HLP-D hydraulic fluids (DIN 51 524/T2). Their guaranteed high purity make them ideal for lubricating bearings in motor and high-speed spindles. The purity class is set at 15/ 13/10 under the ISO 4406 standard. These specially developed spindle lubricants have outstanding detergent and dispersant properties. They also contain sophisticated wear-reducing ingredients and boast effective extreme pressure (EP) properties, rapid air release and top-notch anti-foaming.

SPINDLE LUBE OILS are ultra-fine filtered HLP-D hydraulic oils (DIN 51 524/T2). The purity class is specified as 15/13/10 in accordance with the ISO 4406 standard. They are characterized by excellent detergent and dispersing properties.

106,53 excl. tax

Rotoclear S3 - Supplied by NORDIC ApS

What Rotoclear S3 offers you

The ability for ongoing visual monitoring makes startup easier, faster, safer and more efficient.A free insight into your processes also lets you minimize waste costs, while the Rotoclear S3 significantly reduces the amount of time-consuming cleaning required.The Rotoclear S3’s patented drive mechanism also ensures very short maintenance times, as the rotor can be replaced quickly if necessary.Read the new brochure here.Also visit the product page at for more information on Rotoclear S3. ATTENTION This version is mounted with 2-component glue. Other versions can be supplied on request.

1.893,07 excl. tax

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Nordic ApS og CNC Consult Fusion

NORDIC A/S & CNC Consult ApS have been merged from January 12, 2022

We have chosen to gather our competencies in a joint company, where we will continue to deliver products, solutions and support customers in the Nordic countries.

Our services, services and products will be those same, just gathered under NORDIC A/S!