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In stock with products from various brands, including Zeller+Gmelin, Castrol, Motorex, Kyodo Yushi, Lube, and BASF.

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 Companies worldwide rely on Zeller+Gmelin when it comes to application-specific industrial lubricants, vehicle and machinery lubricants, as well as printing inks and chemical products.
Since 1866, they have been developing and delivering products and process solutions that set standards for performance, reliability, and cost-effectiveness.

Many machinery manufacturers such as DMG MORI, Hermle, and Index Traub recommend Divinol Lithogrease from Zeller+Gmelin for the central lubrication of their machines, among other products.

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BASF is creating chemistry for a sustainable future. With over 111,000 employees in the BASF Group, they contribute to the success of their customers in nearly every sector and almost every country in the world.

One of their products, the coolant “Glysantin G48” from BASF, provides triple protection against corrosion, overheating, and freezing. GLYSANTIN® ensures that your cooling system functions perfectly year-round, on your machinery.

We have BASF Glysantin G48 in various packaging sizes in stock, ready for prompt delivery!

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Castrol is a globally recognized supplier of advanced lubricants and technical fluids.
With over 120 years of industry experience, Castrol is known for delivering high-performance lubricants and specialty products that help extend the life and efficiency of machinery and vehicles.

Their extensive product portfolio covers everything from motor oils to industrial lubricants and cutting fluids.
Castrol aims to create innovative solutions that meet customer needs while contributing to sustainability and environmental responsibility worldwide.

We have, for instance, Castrol Tribol GR 100-00 PD – 900g Tubes in stock, ready for prompt delivery!

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Motorex is a renowned Swiss manufacturer of advanced lubricants and specialty products.
With over a century in the industry, Motorex is known for delivering high-quality lubricants and technical fluids used in a wide range of applications, including motor vehicles, industrial machinery, and bicycles.
Their products are recognized for their performance, reliability, and advanced formulations that protect and optimize mechanical components.
Motorex is dedicated to maintaining high standards of quality and sustainability, serving customers worldwide with innovative solutions for lubrication and maintenance.

We have, for example, MOTOREX SPINDLE LUBE in various packaging sizes in stock, ready for prompt delivery!

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Kyodo Yushi

Kyodo Yushi is a renowned Japanese manufacturer of advanced lubricants and technical fluids. With an impressive history in the industry, Kyodo Yushi is known for delivering high-performance lubricants and specialty products used in various sectors, including the automotive industry, machinery, and electronics.
Their products are recognized for their advanced formulations and reliability, contributing to extending the life and performance of machines and equipment.
Kyodo Yushi is dedicated to maintaining strict standards of quality and sustainability and serves customers worldwide with innovative lubrication solutions and technical fluids.

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LUBE is a Japanese company specializing in lubricants and technical fluids. They offer a wide range of lubricants and lubrication systems used in various industries and applications. With its base in Japan, LUBE has a global footprint and serves customers worldwide.The company is known for its technical expertise and dedication to delivering high-performance lubricants that help extend the life and optimize the performance of machines and equipment. LUBE’s product range includes lubricants for cars, industrial machinery, marine applications, and more. They also prioritize sustainability and environmental considerations in their product development and production.We have LUBE LHL-X100-7 in stock, ready for prompt delivery!Used by companies such as Mazak (P52LA000111), Makino (Z192A1600010), Mori Seiki, Niigata, Jtekt, Koyo, Citizen, Tsugami, Denso, Toshiba, Daewoo, Howa, Okuma, and Fanuc.Read more about LUBE at
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Zinc-free hydraulic oils (HLPD) with cleansing and dispersing properties. They possess good aging stability, excellent wear protection, oxidation stability, and good air separation properties. Also suitable for use as CLP lubricants.The formulation shows also excellent wear protection of roller bearing in the roller bearing wear test. The relevant test in the FAG/FE8roller bearing wear test at 7.5 rpm/80 °C at an axial load of 80 KN is passed with extremely low wear rates. In the summary all relevant performance criteria of industrial gear oils are passed and surpassed. The RENOLIN ZAF D HT products surpass the requirements for hydraulic fluids (according to DIN 51524, part 2) and industrial gear oils (DIN 51517, part 3). The products are universally applicable, the formulation is robust. The products have high oxidation and stability, also under the influence and in the presence of humidity and water. The development of the RENOLIN ZAF D HT Series is also focussed on excellent yellow metal compatibility. In different laboratory tests bronze material, copper/zinccontaining alloys are tested at high temperature over a long test period in dry and wet conditions. The property of the oil, the corrosiveness of the metal surface is determined. After the test, the content of dissolved metals in the oil phase is measured. The RENOLIN ZAF D HT products show excellent corrosion protection results, no copper, zinc metals are dissolved in the oil phase, also under severe test conditions. The RENOLIN ZAF D HT products guarantee, therefore, excellent corrosion protection of yellow metal materials which are used in pumps, hydraulic motors, hydraulic pistons and bearings. The oxidation stability, also in the presence of catalytically acting copper and iron and yellow metal materials, is high. The test shows at high temperatures the robustness of the formulations. The products are stable under severe conditions, sludge is reduced, carbon residues on metal surfaces can be reduced. Application The products of the RENOLIN ZAF D HT Series are high-performance robust hydraulic oils as well as lubricating oils. The products can also be used as industrial gear oils. RENOLIN ZAF D HT products are universal oils and can be used for various applications as hydraulic oils (HLP-D) as well as industrial gear oils (CLP, CLP-D). The RENOLIN ZAF-D HT Series is recommended as deterging hydraulic, gear and lubricating oil in hydraulic equipments, in presses and tool machines. RENOLIN ZAF D HT products can be used in stationary and mobile hydraulic systems.Industries: Minedrift, bjergværk, udforskning Kraftproduktion Konstruktion Transport Maskineri, udstyr Cement, kalk, gips Smedning Støbegods Metalprocesser Andre industrier Stål, metallerSpecifications:Approvals:Recommendations:EAN: ArtNr: 601861314

113,33 excl. tax

Finely filtered lubricating oil for tool spindles based on special, partially synthetic base oils. The high viscosity index ensures a stable lubricating film even at high temperatures. Extensive filtration measures enable a very high cleanliness class of 15/13/10 according to ISO 4406. Very good detergent and dispersant properties.Meets and exceeds the requirements according to DIN 51524-3: HVLP-D ISO 6743-4: HV (with DD properties) Delivered in 4L cans, and can, among other things, replace MOTOREX SPINDLE LUBE ISO VG 68 15/13/10.

48,00 excl. tax

LUBE LHL-X100-7 (249137)
This LHL-X100-7 249137 LUBE Grease Cartridge is a next-generation lubricant that significantly reduces friction and wear and is used on a wide range of machine tools including Mazak (P52LA000111), Makino (Z192A1600010), Mori Seiki, Niigata, Jtekt, Koyo, Citizen, Tsugami, Denso, Toshiba, Daewoo, Howa, Okuma and Fanuc.It will precisely deliver the exact amount of lubricant required at a specific time to optimise performance of production machinery even under harsh conditions. In addition, the revolutionary lubricant developed for the LHL system helps to provide a cleaner and healthier factory environment.The LHL system needs only a fraction of the lubricant quantity compared to oil lubrication systems. The lower lubricant requirement of LHL significantly reduces lubricant costs and lubricant entering the coolant tank. Less lubricant in the coolant tank prevents degradation and hazardous waste disposal, ultimately extending tool life, reducing maintenance costs, and enhancing the machines life expectancy.The LHL-X100-7 prevents excess abrasion of a high-load bearing box and v-way, gib and plain bearing surfaces. It forms and maintains a strong oil film on roller bearings, ball screws and linear rolling surfaces. It also prevents rust with excellent anti-rust properties and will never emulsify in cutting fluids and it creates an ideal lubrication effect with a proper lubricant volume at a precisely timed interval.

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FUCHS RENOLIT LI IDM 000 is used to lubricate rollers in linear guides for machine tools. It can also be used for lubrication of gears with a large mechanical load. The product can be easily pumped into central lubrication systems. Due to its low consistency, FUCHS RENOLIT LI IDM 000 shows a clearly better flow behavior as a comparable fat of NLGI class 00.Delivered in 900g tubes (other sizes can be supplied on request!).

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