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NORDICstyli Adapter for TS1xx & TS 5xx -> M3
Adapter for TS1xx & TS 5xx -> M3
Adapter from NORDICstyli, which makes it possible to use styli with M3 thread, on older Heidenhain TS1xx & TS5xx 3D probes. The adapter has an internal M3 thread.

103,60 excl. tax


Velum PROTECTION is the solution designed to protect control cabinets, machines, computers, compressors and much other equipment. Placed easily using magnets on the suction, and the filter cloth is replaced quickly and easily.

Available in 5 sizes: 600 mm – 500 mm – 400 mm – 300 mm – 200 mm

73,46 excl. tax

Heidenhain T404 Tastestift (352776-04)
Heidenhain offers styli in a variety of materials, lengths and ball diameters. All styli are threaded with M3, so they fit directly on e.g. 3D probes from HEIDENHAIN.

72,00 excl. tax

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NORDICfilter - AG-82/203.5-S-50-SOE
Quality filter from NORDICfilter, compatible with DMG MORI ID: 2502115 and 3060788OD: 56,3 mm ID: 25,5 mm Length: 118 mm Fineness: beta12 = 1000 Max. diff. pressure: 30 bar

67,33 excl. tax

NORDICfilter - AG-82/203.5-S-50-SOE
Quality filter from NORDICfilter which i.a. replaces DMG MORI ID: 2858141.OD: 69 mm ID: 34 mm Length: 240 mm Fineness: 50 μm

85,33 excl. tax

LUBE LHL-X100-7 (249137)
This LHL-X100-7 249137 LUBE Grease Cartridge is a next-generation lubricant that significantly reduces friction and wear and is used on a wide range of machine tools including Mazak (P52LA000111), Makino (Z192A1600010), Mori Seiki, Niigata, Jtekt, Koyo, Citizen, Tsugami, Denso, Toshiba, Daewoo, Howa, Okuma and Fanuc.It will precisely deliver the exact amount of lubricant required at a specific time to optimise performance of production machinery even under harsh conditions. In addition, the revolutionary lubricant developed for the LHL system helps to provide a cleaner and healthier factory environment.The LHL system needs only a fraction of the lubricant quantity compared to oil lubrication systems. The lower lubricant requirement of LHL significantly reduces lubricant costs and lubricant entering the coolant tank. Less lubricant in the coolant tank prevents degradation and hazardous waste disposal, ultimately extending tool life, reducing maintenance costs, and enhancing the machines life expectancy.The LHL-X100-7 prevents excess abrasion of a high-load bearing box and v-way, gib and plain bearing surfaces. It forms and maintains a strong oil film on roller bearings, ball screws and linear rolling surfaces. It also prevents rust with excellent anti-rust properties and will never emulsify in cutting fluids and it creates an ideal lubrication effect with a proper lubricant volume at a precisely timed interval.

79,33 excl. tax

Laser Beam Visualizer
Laser Beam Visualizer - 850-1090nm light green

180,00 excl. tax

Laser glasses - UniversalfitOD7+ 740 - 1100nm DIR LB5 VLT 40% OD7+ 800 - 1070nm

136,00 excl. tax

FUCHS RENOLIT LI IDM 000 is used to lubricate rollers in linear guides for machine tools. It can also be used for lubrication of gears with a large mechanical load. The product can be easily pumped into central lubrication systems. Due to its low consistency, FUCHS RENOLIT LI IDM 000 shows a clearly better flow behavior as a comparable fat of NLGI class 00.Delivered in 900g tubes (other sizes can be supplied on request!).

31,33 excl. tax

Hexagon R-6-SS-2.7-L10
Hexagon m&h
We are stock leader with the most popular types of styli, used for 3D probes from i.a. Heidenhain, Renishaw, BLUM & Hexagon M&H.Order ID: 03969326

42,00 excl. tax

Hexagon R-3-SS-2-L10
Hexagon m&h
We are stock leader with the most popular types of styli, used for 3D probes from i.a. Heidenhain, Renishaw, BLUM & Hexagon M&H.Order ID: 03969327

42,00 excl. tax

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