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Oils, lubricants, coolants, and more

NORDIC A/S is an official distributor of FUCHS products in the Nordic region, which is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of oils, lubricants, coolants, and more.



 FUCHS is a complete supplier of lubrication products for industrial companies, trucks, forestry machinery, oil drilling platforms, vessels, power plants – in essence, all areas where lubrication is required.

But they are also a close partner for us, a partner with knowledge of both activities and processes, as well as the commercial conditions under which our customers operate. It is this knowledge that allows us to find new solutions and opportunities and contribute to streamlining operations, increasing production efficiency, and enhancing profitability.

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All industrial sectors have specific requirements for the lubricants used. When choosing the right lubricant, it’s not just the selection of specialized lubricants that matters – experience and know-how are equally important factors. FUCHS covers it all: industry-specific solutions and many years of experience in various applications.For example, we assist in metalworking, automotive, construction, food, machinery, transportation, and construction equipment.


Founded in 1931 as a family business in Mannheim, FUCHS is now the world’s largest independent supplier of innovative lubrication solutions that cover nearly all industries and applications. Today, the company’s 6,000 employees in over 50 countries still share the same goal: to keep the world moving sustainably and efficiently.

To meet this demand, they think in terms of perfection, not just standards. When developing individual solutions, they engage in intensive dialogue with the customer – acting as experienced consultants, innovative problem solvers, and reliable team players.

The solutions meet the highest technological requirements and help their customers reduce operating costs and emissions. FUCHS lubricants reduce friction, wear, and energy consumption. In this way, they help reduce the carbon footprint in applications. They are a central component in many sustainable technologies of the future.

At FUCHS, they consider sustainability as more than just an empty phrase; it is a core value and the driving force behind their innovative entrepreneurial activities.

Zinc-free hydraulic oils (HLPD) with cleansing and dispersing properties. They possess good aging stability, excellent wear protection, oxidation stability, and good air separation properties. Also suitable for use as CLP lubricants.The formulation shows also excellent wear protection of roller bearing in the roller bearing wear test. The relevant test in the FAG/FE8roller bearing wear test at 7.5 rpm/80 °C at an axial load of 80 KN is passed with extremely low wear rates. In the summary all relevant performance criteria of industrial gear oils are passed and surpassed. The RENOLIN ZAF D HT products surpass the requirements for hydraulic fluids (according to DIN 51524, part 2) and industrial gear oils (DIN 51517, part 3). The products are universally applicable, the formulation is robust. The products have high oxidation and stability, also under the influence and in the presence of humidity and water. The development of the RENOLIN ZAF D HT Series is also focussed on excellent yellow metal compatibility. In different laboratory tests bronze material, copper/zinccontaining alloys are tested at high temperature over a long test period in dry and wet conditions. The property of the oil, the corrosiveness of the metal surface is determined. After the test, the content of dissolved metals in the oil phase is measured. The RENOLIN ZAF D HT products show excellent corrosion protection results, no copper, zinc metals are dissolved in the oil phase, also under severe test conditions. The RENOLIN ZAF D HT products guarantee, therefore, excellent corrosion protection of yellow metal materials which are used in pumps, hydraulic motors, hydraulic pistons and bearings. The oxidation stability, also in the presence of catalytically acting copper and iron and yellow metal materials, is high. The test shows at high temperatures the robustness of the formulations. The products are stable under severe conditions, sludge is reduced, carbon residues on metal surfaces can be reduced. Application The products of the RENOLIN ZAF D HT Series are high-performance robust hydraulic oils as well as lubricating oils. The products can also be used as industrial gear oils. RENOLIN ZAF D HT products are universal oils and can be used for various applications as hydraulic oils (HLP-D) as well as industrial gear oils (CLP, CLP-D). The RENOLIN ZAF-D HT Series is recommended as deterging hydraulic, gear and lubricating oil in hydraulic equipments, in presses and tool machines. RENOLIN ZAF D HT products can be used in stationary and mobile hydraulic systems.Industries: Minedrift, bjergværk, udforskning Kraftproduktion Konstruktion Transport Maskineri, udstyr Cement, kalk, gips Smedning Støbegods Metalprocesser Andre industrier Stål, metallerSpecifications:Approvals:Recommendations:EAN: ArtNr: 601861314

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Finely filtered lubricating oil for tool spindles based on special, partially synthetic base oils. The high viscosity index ensures a stable lubricating film even at high temperatures. Extensive filtration measures enable a very high cleanliness class of 15/13/10 according to ISO 4406. Very good detergent and dispersant properties.Meets and exceeds the requirements according to DIN 51524-3: HVLP-D ISO 6743-4: HV (with DD properties) Delivered in 4L cans, and can, among other things, replace MOTOREX SPINDLE LUBE ISO VG 68 15/13/10.

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FUCHS RENOLIT LI IDM 000 is used to lubricate rollers in linear guides for machine tools. It can also be used for lubrication of gears with a large mechanical load. The product can be easily pumped into central lubrication systems. Due to its low consistency, FUCHS RENOLIT LI IDM 000 shows a clearly better flow behavior as a comparable fat of NLGI class 00.Delivered in 900g tubes (other sizes can be supplied on request!).

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