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HEIDENHAIN Test equipment

Test equipment for the specialist who has to diagnose and troubleshoot measuring systems and machines

PWT 101

Testing device for functional testing and adjustment of incremental and absolute HEIDENHAIN encoders.

• 4.3-inch touchscreen

• Functional testing

• Adjustment

• Compact dimensions

• Practical service case

• Ideal for portable use

PWM 21

Inspection unit for diagnostics and adjustment of absolute and incremental HEIDENHAIN encoders.

• Functional testing

• Mounting wizard

• Calibration capability

• Adjustment via ATS software

• Online diagnostics with the EnDat interface

• USB port for connecting to a PC

• Connectivity of EnDat 3 (E30-R2) encoders to the PWM 21 via the SA 1210 signal adapter

KGM 200 serien

Encoders for static and dynamic contouring accuracy inspection of CNC machine tools.

• Machine tool inspection and acceptance testing
(as per ISO 230-2, ISO 230-3, ISO 230-4, and VDI/DGQ 3441)

• Parameterization and testing of the Dynamic Precision and Dynamic Efficiency functionality packages for the TNC

• Direct inspection method for static and dynamic behavior

• Zero-contact and zero-wear scanning

• Measurement of any circular diameter and freeform shape in the working plane

• Optimal results with the EIB 741 interface box and ACCOM software for the PC

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