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PWT 101

Testing device for functional testing and adjustment of incremental and absolute HEIDENHAIN encoders.

• 4.3-inch touchscreen

• Functional testing

• Adjustment

• Compact dimensions

• Practical service case

• Ideal for portable use

PWM 21

Inspection unit for diagnostics and adjustment of absolute and incremental HEIDENHAIN encoders.

• Functional testing

• Mounting wizard

• Calibration capability

• Adjustment via ATS software

• Online diagnostics with the EnDat interface

• USB port for connecting to a PC

• Connectivity of EnDat 3 (E30-R2) encoders to the PWM 21 via the SA 1210 signal adapter

KGM 200 serien

Encoders for static and dynamic contouring accuracy inspection of CNC machine tools.

• Machine tool inspection and acceptance testing
(as per ISO 230-2, ISO 230-3, ISO 230-4, and VDI/DGQ 3441)

• Parameterization and testing of the Dynamic Precision and Dynamic Efficiency functionality packages for the TNC

• Direct inspection method for static and dynamic behavior

• Zero-contact and zero-wear scanning

• Measurement of any circular diameter and freeform shape in the working plane

• Optimal results with the EIB 741 interface box and ACCOM software for the PC

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