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HEIDENHAIN 3D Touch systems

Large selection of 3D workpiece touch probes and tool touch probes for e.g. CNC machines and in the automation industry

Touch probes help reduce setup times, increase machine usage time, and improve the dimensional accuracy of the finished workpieces.

HEIDENHAIN’s Touch systems can help optimize your production with faster and simpler setup, using 3D probes that are easily and cost-effectively retrofitted in the machine tool.

Reduced set-up time

HEIDENHAIN’s TS 3D Touch systems allow you to measure your workpiece, quickly and simply without the use of manual dial gauges.
The 3D Probe adjusts the coordinate system so you can quickly start your machining.

Minimize scrap
HEIDENHAIN’s TS 3D Probes minimize the risk of scrapped items caused by manual alignment errors.

Monitoring your tools
Wear or tool breakage that is not detected for a long time, especially during unattended operation, results in defective parts and increases the cost unnecessarily.
HEIDENHAIN’s TT and TL Touch probes allow automatic tool measurement and detection of fractures while the machine is running

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TT Tool touch probes from HEIDENHAIN offer high accuracy and can be supplied with cable or wireless connection. They are mechanically robust and can be used for many different controls.

Whether your machine is new or used, NORDIC can help you find the right solution for it. We help you all the way so you can optimize your production!

Read more about HEIDENHAIN’s TT Tool touch probes here

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